If anyone could run a masterclass on Google Docs it should be you.

- Rob (a former colleague)

I’m aghast that you’re opening up these tools to the world… there goes a competitive advantage!

- Glenn (my former boss)

EVERYONE uses Google Sheets.

  • Marketers track campaign goals and results.

  • SEO Experts do keyword research.

  • Creators manage content calendars.

MASTERS understand Google Sheets differently.

I’m going to make your Google Sheet game BETTER.

Better Your Career

I worked for 5 years as a data manager for a TV network. I made $75,000 a year slinging sheets. Yes I used Google Sheets. You can too.

You can do almost anything in Google Sheets. I’ll show you how.

Better Results

You can use Google Sheets to

  • Turn raw data into insights.

  • Optimize Your Work

  • Make the data easy to read for your team to get better.

  • Manage a distributed content team

  • Conduct Content Research

  • Market your business

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