Your Next $1,000 a Month Side Hustle

Better Sheets and myself are featured in Noah’s latest YouTube video.

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I recently wrote, on Indiehackers, about surpassing $50k in revenue and featured Better Sheets members who have started selling their own google sheets.

I’ve excerpted the four members below.

If you’re selling your google sheets on gumroad or etsy or anywhere, let me know. Happy to feature you in any upcoming newsletter, or on my twitter.

Jaan’s EV Universe

Jaan created a Stock Tracker of the Electric Vehicle industry for his EV Universe newsletter. It’s an awesome lead magnet now. You can check out the sheet improvement video and subscribe to the EV Universe newsletter.

Mike’s Job Indecision Calculator

Mike is a fellow Indiehacker and has his updates on the Calculator here:
Mike’s google sheet journey in his own words.

I started by buying the How to Sell Google Sheets For Fun and Profit product and that unlocked things for me. This gave me the confidence to make my first digital product The Job Indecision Calculator and start what has now become a passion for me. These products got me over my analysis paralysis and got me up and selling in about 3 days.

Mike’s already generated $241 with 34 sales. And look out for his next product. Yes he’s producing even more.

Jade’s Bootstrapper Press Directory

Jade Craven recently built Bootstrapper’s Press Directory and now sells it on gumroad. A google sheet lies at the heart of it.

But truly hours and hours of work goes into something like this and saves end users, Indiehackers - bootstrappers - founders valuable time in finding outlets that actually want their story.

Colin's House Comparison Calculator

Colin made this sheet for himself, his wife and his real estate agent. You can buy it now on gumroad.

"This House Comparison Calculator Spreadsheet was an essential tool in our successful home purchase."

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