How To Sell Google Sheets For Fun And Profit

I need your help.

I need your questions.

The questions should be related to “selling google sheets”


Because I’m writing a guide on how to take a google sheet to market.

Which market? the same market those piggies go?

This market:

On The Way

On the journey to making a marketplace for Google Sheets... I've been helping Better Sheets members get their sheets into a sellable state.

Then, 4 days ago member Colin mentioned: "Sheeeets needs a step by step guide for taking a sheet to market. :)"

So, I've Started Writing A Guide

Of course, it's going to be written in a Google Sheet. 

Made the cover image in a google sheet too.

For right now you can get it for $5.

Buy The Guide

To tell you the truth, I told Better Sheets Members about this yesterday and they all got it for free.

Here is a particularly useful snippet from the guide. This is about what you can write on a gumroad sales page.

And here is an early version of the pricing guide section.

I’ll give you actual practical ways you can charge over $500 for access to a google sheet.

I have a belief that someone in this email list. Someone I know, is going to be selling multiple copies of a single google sheet for well over $500 by the end of 2021.