Google Sheet In Bio

The link in your social media bio is hot digital real estate right now. Late 2020 I made a Google Sheet in Bio!

This week:  I've added a sheet of templates for you to use if you'd like to use a google sheet in your bio.

 🐦  Twitter

 📸  Instagram

 🤔  LinkedIn (perhaps?)

Get them here: More Link in Bio Templates

Watch the how to video here


In December 2020 I made a video for members on how I made a linkinbio in a google sheet. Took the virtual mall template and shared with you a stripped down version.

Now I've added more templates to this. You can copy the sheet, and then copy each individual template as you'd like. You can use a google sheet, as a link in your bio on twitter or instagram.

There's one if you like Dark Mode

There's one if you like elegant things outlines

There's even one for those who love Notion.

Note: I used the Encode Sans font which is close to the default font in Notion.

Members get access to click tracking code but I have made available for the public the new templates.

You can check out the templates also featured in my twitter profile: @kamphey